August 01, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

On Wednesday Adam turned 26!! Adam cooked (yes, he wanted to!) steak which is his favorite. Then we had cake, and ice cream and opened presents. I have to be super sneaky about getting Adam gifts because he can read me like a book and he figures things out. So, I ordered him this 'basketball' he wanted to so bad! I had to order it on my dad's card, and have it shipped to our neighbor's address. Whenever I called to check if it had arrived I used the house phone...just to be safe :). It arrived on his birthday so I was happy it came just in time!

Adam also wanted to pick up fishing so he got a bunch of fishing gear for his birthday. Yesterday we headed up Provo Canyon and went fishing for a couple of hours. I am not a huge fan of fishing but, there is something very relaxing about reading by a lake with the gorgeous Utah mountains surrounding you. Adam had such a great time and caught two little fish...It was a pretty slow day for fishing but we were still pretty excited!!

Happy Birthday Babe!! Hope you had a Wonderful Birthday!!

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After