July 14, 2010

Homeward Bound - Luggage Found

The last day on the cruise ship is kind of hectic. The cruise line has you place your luggage outside your room the night before you leave so, they can unload all of it for you. You are assigned numbers in which you can leave the ship so we had to sit and wait for our number. We walked off onto the pier and Adam suggested that I look through all of the luggage and see if I can find mine. I am doubtful but, sure enough there it was!!!

I searched through it and everything was there! Laptop, scuba gear, clothes, etc. It looked like no one had even touched it! I was SO happy and yet so frustrated that some moron put it in his stateroom and kept it there the entire week. It had a disembark number so we know it came from a stateroom. Why not turn it in?!?

So we arrived at the airport in Puerto Rico and come to find out we are on standby?? We didn't book standby and we definitely paid WAY more than what standby tickets cost. So the gentleman at the desk it trying to figure out the soonest he can get us home....awesome!
Luckily 5 people changed their flight plans and we boarded the plan. We arrived in SLC and now Adam's Luggage is MISSING!! What is going on?!?!? Luckily the airline delivered it the very next day. It was a Wonderful Vacation but, it is nice being home!

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After