December 05, 2009


Two nights ago my parents were up in Salt Lake enjoying their 29th anniversary. When they came home they realized something was wrong. My mom's dresser was in shambles and the downstairs door had been kicked in. My brother who is serving a mission had some of his things stolen as well as my grandma's keepsakes, a checkbook, credit cards etc...

So, today a man in Salt Lake tried to cash one of my dad's checks but, when it came up as stolen he bolted. Unfortunately the cops don't seem to be concerned with any of this.

So PLEASE everyone lock your doors!

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.:Anna:. said...

That's the most horrible thing ever... oh my gosh! Why are people so nasty!??? And why the heck don't the cops EVER care!? My friend got ROBBED while her and her little family were sleeping upstairs. They used credit cards and everything. All the cops had to do was pull the security tapes at any one of the 10 locations and they could see who did it-but I guess they're too busy writing speeding tickets and harrassing people over dumb stuff to do anything! I mean, these people stole their car, their computer, their DVD player, their cameras, purses, everything!

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Happily Ever After