November 10, 2009

Attachment Issues

So, we had to give little Indy (black kitty) away and ever since then Rascal has been experiencing some serious attachment issues. He now constantly has to be by Adam and I 24/7 and its exhausting! Here are a few examples:
When I wake up and let him out he HAS to be held or he cries....non-stop!
When I take a shower or a bath he HAS to be in the bathroom.
If he is outside and I'm not he cries....non-stop!
When we put him in his room at night he cries/cat screams....non-stop!
When I'm in the kitchen making dinner he cries and tries to climb to me and cries non-stop until I hold him.

I love Rascal to death but this is getting exhausting! He is even 'kneading' on me like I'm his mommy. I am thinking this is getting a little too intense and Snickers is so NOT happy about the attachment Rascal has made to me.

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After