October 04, 2009

Meet Coco!

So, you all might think we are crazy but yes, we got a kitten. Snickers did NOT get along with sweet Harley so we had to give him away. Turns out though Snickers actually likes kittens. We got our little white kitten today and after much consideration we decided to name her coco. Kendra also has a kitten that she is looking to sell which is the black kitty shown. If you know anyone interested he is for free.

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.:Anna:. said...

Your sweater makes me miss the cold weather! We moved into a new apartment this weekend and I was so sad to just be leaving winter clothes in boxes. We won't need them til maybe December when we visit his parents! I wish I were reorganzing closets to accomadate winter :)

I LOVE the kitten! Coco fits-if I could I'd take the little black furball.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After