August 08, 2009

Need Opinions!!

We are looking for a very unique photo for our dining room wall. We have a very oriental, old world feel to our home. We both like this piece of art below but we want some opinions. It comes as 4 seperate paintings.


lizzyjean88 said...

I LOVE it! But you need an amazing family picture! :) I know just the person to do that for you! we could even do it to match your home! Love you girl!

Wilde ones said...

Good stuff. Hang it up!

Jessica said...

Looks like sperm attacking an egg, but whatever you like! hee hee
and since you asked, you should never ask anyone else's opinion about your home as far as decor b/c YOU live there and need to feel peace there, not worry about what other's will think:) Just go for it

Jessica said...

Ok I asked LAnce what he thought and he said it looks like a pie, so there you have it, women think babies, men think food! You should get it and just ask people what they see-psych em out!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After