May 29, 2009

Door in the Face!!

Your probably wondering where I got the title for this post. Well, I'll tell you this event actually happened to me yesterday. And yes it was self inflicted. Here is the tale...

So I was heading to pick up Adam and I figured I would let Snicker's come. So she jumps in the car and I head over to the driver's seat. I don't know how this happened but when I opened the door it found my face perfectly under my left eye. Oh my goodness it hurt so freaking bad. So I jump in the car because I don't want to keep Adam waiting. I look down at my hand and there is blood all seriously split my cheek. So now I have a cut and a nice bruise on my face to show how much of a moron I am:) Pictures to come once the bruise really shows up:)


Wilde ones said...

Cracks me up! Can't wait to see pics. Have Adam tell you about the time our mom walked into a truck.

Jessica said...

hee hee..!Have adam tell ME about the time Mom walked into a truck;)

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After