May 11, 2009

Best Friend!

Mother's Day was wonderful! The best part of the entire day was being able to talk to my best friend Trevor!! He was suppose to call us around 11pm Sunday night. As you can imagine we all sat around the phone anxiously waiting. Once 12:30pm rolled around I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Finally around 1:30am the phone rang! I was so tired but nothing could've been more worth the loss of sleep than this!

The saying is more apparent now than it has been in my life that 'you realize how much something means to you once it is gone'. I could not be more grateful for my younger but not so little brother. He would stay up late with me and talk to me about life. He always was there for a slurpie run or as a work out buddy.

I am amazed to see the wonderful changes Trevor is experiencing. His English is slightly broken which means he is getting better and better at tagalog:) He is happy and he is working hard. He has recently become a district leader and he's doing great!

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rjb said...

Hello the Crops,
First; where is your younger brother serving?
Second; Thank you for putting Life's Golden Rule on your site. We have received some referrals from there. How did you learn about us?
Third; Love reading your blog. Well done and Fun!

Have a great day!
Randy J Bradley
Life's Golden Rule

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Happily Ever After