April 08, 2009


Adam is SOOOO close to being done with school. He has classes the rest of this week, then finals then a little break before Spring semester! I am so proud of him for not getting burned out!!

Work is going good. I have been at this new job for one month now and I still go everyday feeling a little overwhelmed. I think I am doing a good job and at the same time I am very humbled:) In all honestly though I LOVE my new job and I feel it is something I am good at.

So, Vacation Ideas?????
Adam and I want to go and take a summer vacation. A short weekend one and a full week one. Ideas? Help? We are in Utah, where can we drive for a weekend, relax and where it is a little warmer?? And for a full week trip we want to see family, sun and smiles.

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Wilde ones said...

We'd love for you guys to come and hang out here in San Antonio - play with Maya, Luke and Seth, feed the dolphins at Sea World, ride coasters at Six Flags, and the icing on the cake - you get to hang out with me! (Free room and board!) It's a good 23 hour drive, so I don't know if that's too long in a car for you - but you're always welcome here.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After