March 24, 2009

Beautiful Sacrifice

Beautiful Sacrifice Made by Birth Mothers:

After a long day at work I came home, plopped on the coach and turned on the tube for a little mindless t.v. I came across a show concerning adoption and I was instantly intrigued. For those of you who don't know I was adopted.

This show depicted what the Birth Mother goes through when deciding to give a child a better life. Needless to say 5 minutes into this show I was in tears...I'm such a baby.

What a beautiful, self-less sacrifice that birth mothers make when they decide to give a baby up for adoption. I have seen the blessings of this sacrifice in my life personally. I can't even fathom the challenge it would be giving up your own child who you carried for 9 months and gave birth to.

I thought I would share my adoption story for those of you interested:

My birthmom was 16 when she gave birth to me. My birthdad wanted nothing to do with me. He even encouraged my birth mom to have an abortion. When she decided not to he left. My parents had tried to have a baby for 8 years but no luck. They put their names into the Church Adoption Agency and waited...and waited...and waited. When a mother is deciding whether or not to give a baby up for adoption they can take as long as they need to make that decision. It is encouraged they make that decision within 24-48 hours after the baby is born. My birthmom held me all night, cried and luckily made the decision to give me a better life. The next day my mom and dad came and picked me up! My life took a wonderful turn for the better on that day! 6 months later I was sealed to my parents in the Jordan River Temple. My parents being over anxious parents decided to take our first family I would even remember it:) The entire time my mom was sick. She even thought she had cancer. We rushed home and sure enough...Pregnant! My brother and I are a year and a half apart.

The Lord works in wonderful, mysterious ways and I am so grateful for the beautiful sacrifice that all birth mothers made!


Cason and Marie said...

wow what a touching story! I would have cried too. Loved that post!

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Aw I didn't know-that is so sweet... seriously! My sister got pregnant and wanted to let someone else have the baby but the Dad is a crazy wack job and if she gave her up he would get her.. so now I have another adorable niece and we're glad we have her. That is a hard, hard decision. My aunt gave up her first (she was very young) and I don't think a day goes by that she doesn't think about him.

Mallory said...

Halla to those who are adopted! :) im curious what the show was called? do you remember?

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Happily Ever After