November 12, 2008


So Adam and I have been teaching the 10 year old primary class for about 2 months now and it has not gotten any easier. We have 5 kids total but, one is usually with his dad so we have a consistent 4. There is one girl and 3 boys. One of these boys is a downesyndrome boy named Taylor who is teaching me patience and understanding along with all the others in ways I thought were never possible. So let me give a little insight to our 'normal' primary Sunday.

Sacrament meeting Adam and I scope the pews for our kids....honestly to see if the ones that are trouble are there or not (we are so bad!:). We then head off to opening exercises. The two boys and the girl are always there being reverent and so well behaved than storms in my little buddy Taylor. Me and him get along great! He runs in, shoes untied, notebook in hand and boogers in the hair ready to plop up and indian style sit on my lap. He points to his back so I'll scratch it which I don't mind doing because it calms him down and this way he doesn't spit or throw boogers at the other kids. I set him down between Adam and I and sure enough he bends over and rips it! Adam looks to me and says "every day something new:)". We then head off to class which seems an easy task but so isn't! Taylor bolts! He either runs into the gym or just runs away and me in my three inch heels as always tailing after him.

So finally we're all in class. Now the trouble really starts. Taylor likes to raise his hand and just scream and snort. The other kids can't help but laugh and it takes Adam and I a while to get them back into control. Taylor also switches on and off the light about every 10 minutes. I learned real fast how to get Taylor to behave. I pull him aside and say quietly but firmly "Taylor you get to choose, time out or to be with your friends in class and behave". He never picks time out so I usually win the battle. He always looks at Adam and I and says "Duh Idiot". Than there is Ethan who likes to blow bubbles with his gum and pop it all over his face and leave it that way for about 10 minutes just busting up laughing. Lindsey is a lot of fun and really well behaved. She is really good with Taylor which helps Adam and I a lot. The last little boy in our class is Spencer who is so flipping smart! Every question we ask he knows the answer to!!

Then we are off to sharing time which is my favorite part because I have the primary presidency in there to help. Adam usually has to leave for work so I appreciate all the help I can get. Taylor has been known on occasion to run up and scream in the microphone, pick his nose and wipe boogers in his hair (mind you while he is on my lap), jump up and 'lead' with the chorister, dance (which honestly is so hilarious), and run to any baby in the room and try to pick it up. I have learned really fast to wear long skirts because I have to pick up Taylor (who is 10 and he usually goes dead weight...) when he does these things so, when I pick him up he wraps his legs around me and pulls up my skirt. Oh don't worry the whole senior primary has seen my 'religion'. Luckily one of the teachers came up and pulled my skirt down. :)

Everyday is a new adventure in primary and I can honestly say I love it. It isn't easy and many days I want to bail out but, its worth it! I am going to take some pictures and post them up here soon!.


Jessica said...

Holy Crap MAranda, I a min the primary presidency and I feel like I am babysitting the brattiest, most ill behaved crazy monkeys on the planets...and I am NOT talking baout the is the 7-10 year olds that drive me crazy!!!!We're in the same boat here!!!

Cason and Marie said...

hahahah I was laughing so hard when I read this story!! That is hilarious! What a great experience. How fun for you guys to be in primary.

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Hahaha that's so funny! Oh my gosh-don't feel bad about Taylor. My friend Andy was a senior in high school and would wipe his boogers on the wall. I think it's just because he is a boy. They never outgrow that stuff.

Rachel said...

wow! So you just made me even more glad that I am in the young womens:) Though, I'm sure they love you as a teacher.

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Oh Primary!!! We taught for a while too and its definitely an experience! haha! From picking their noses, to picking their "hoo hoos" (we'll just call them that) they are a so funny! Oh the things you learn!

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