September 12, 2008


So, I decided to take a few seconds and vent about how frustrating some people are sometimes. So for those of you who don't know Adam most likely re-broke his toe while we were out in New York. So his toe has been killing him. We went to Macy's to get an ice cream cone and we figured since his toe really hurt and since we wouldn't be long we would use the handicap pass. We hardly ever use it because we feel bad. We know there is probably some little old lady who needs it more than us. But, we felt we would be quick so no biggie.

We are walking out enjoying our soft serve. I get in the car and I see Adam talking to this girl who had just put her cart away. I assume they knew each other. Adam gets in the car kind of frustrated so I inquired as to why.

This girl had the nerve to say to Adam "well you don't look handicap". Adam very politely said "well I got toe surgery, I can show you the scars" While she walked away she said back "yeah right".

Ok so here is why I am so frustrated. What gives her the right to decide who is handicap and who isn't? And who does she think she is to walk around saying things like that to people. I like to think I'm not normally and angry person but this really got to me.

So, we leave and head over to Adam's soccer game. They were playing a team probably from a BYU Spanish ward because none of them spoke English (at least not during the game). So through out the game the guys on the sidelines kept calling Adam's team "whities"...this started to really get old. I guess at the end of the game I became grateful I didn't understand Spanish. Half of Adam's team is fluent due to missions and I guess these guys were swearing up a storm. Strike Two. If you go to BYU or your in a BYU ward you should know swearing just isn't allowed. They knew they could get away with it though since the refs or supervisors didn't know Spanish.

Ugh the nerve of some people.


Jessica said...

Maranda!!! I soo know what you mean, therea re just those people out htere int he wolrd that just have that meanness like a "carlness"-(u me and dupree) They just feel the need to invoke their opinion and beleifs on others, it's "their" world. NOw if it was me I would've said you know what i just got the urge to do a LONG shopping trip....or i wouldv'e "accidentally" dropped some icecream on her or her car hee hee!!!

Jessica said...

Oh! and one of my friends checked out your blog and agreed with me that you 2 look like abercrombie models and thus we "hate" you..!ina good jealous way! :)

Anonymous said...

So funny story!! My husband and I have a handicapped sign too. We rarely use it, but at airports it comes in very handy. My husband was walking out of Wal-mart and some guy told him he didn't look like he needed a handicapped sign (this was 2 days after he had knee surgery) He has had 11 knees surgeries so he played it up a bit and told the guy that he had a prosthetic leg...granted he wasn't honest about it but it was pretty funny...his 11 surgeries totally merits a handicapped sign in my opinion!!!

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