September 15, 2008

Pepper Spray:(

So on Thursday Adam had to get sprayed with pepper spray so he could carry it around for his new security job. I went to take him another shirt and a towel and I showed up right in time to witness this horrible thing. Right after they are sprayed they rush over to a hose and wash their entire head with baby shampoo. Once this is complete they make their way over to the huge fans and sit in front of them with water bottles. The pepper spray makes your body react in very odd ways. Snot drips in crazy lengths out of your nose and mouth. You can't see anything and you can just tell they are in agonizing pain. Adam handled it very well and was one of the lucky ones that was only affected for about 15 minutes. When he came home and showered he had to experience it all over again because the pepper spray was coming out of his pores. I was amazed he went and played his intramural soccer game later that night. Adam I'm so proud of you! You are one tough cookie.


Rachel said...

I can't believe they spray him with pepper spray. That is horrible. Way to go Adam. You're a champ. I would have quit, but than again I'm a wuss.

auntieD1CE said...

Oh MY GOSH! I think Leki missed that...I can't believe u got What a great sport Adam! I really felt bad for the boys when I heard that they had to do that but I guess it's for their own safety later on. Thank you so much for getting Leki cheeseburgers the other night I was busy running errands with my sister and he was super hungry. Your a lifesaver!!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After