July 14, 2008

What A Week!

How can I even start to explain how AWFUL this past week was. To start Adam and I were driving down by the Provo temple and out of no where this HUGE BUCK (deer) ran into our car!! Luckily Adam swerved in time so it only dented our car a little. The deer SLID like 15 feet in front of us, then hoped up and ran away. Later on in the week I got my first speeding ticket EVER!! Even worse is that I knew the cop from Gold's Gym. To say the least, I am really glad it is a new week!! HOPEFULLY this one will go better than the last!!


Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Doesn't your stomach just drop when things like that happen! Ugh! Thats the worst! Hallelujah for starting a NEW week!

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

I actually design my own blog but it has taken me forever to figure out how! Some cute places to get templates though are "matie Kay creations" (google it) or cutest blog on the block... or "onecuteblog.blogspot.com... Its fun once you get into it. I never thought I'd figure it out though!

Jessica said...

Hey Maranda, tell Adam I said, "Way to proceed with caution!"
Next time a cop pulls you over just say you were hurrying home to watch Buffy-the rest will work itself out..trust me
PS you KNEW the cop and he still ticketed you?what up-take him off your Christmas list-Believe that!

jcrop said...

Tell adam that he needs to cry next time maybe the cop will let him off it always worked for Jess :)

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