July 11, 2008

Poor Adam....

We found out yesterday that Adam has contracted Mono..... He has been getting sore throats and headaches a lot the last couple of weeks so we think he has had it for some time now. Hopefully Adam will take it easy for a couple of days and get better!!


Jessica said...

You always have to do what Rachel does huh Adam?! Is this some kind of competetion between you 2 again? ..hope you feel better Adam-LISten to your wife and rest!

Wilde ones said...

Actually, I think Adam is trying to be like me. I got mono 3 months after I got married - so, Adam, you're a little slow on the uptake. I'm sure Maranda is taking good care of you. Maranda, don't spoil him too much - he might start spouting craziness like "WOMAN! Get in the kitchen and make me some pie!" - Love you guys!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After